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"In theory, communism works." - Homer Simpson

Theory is not reality.

In reality, UNIX systems are typically the core of the business information architecture.  They run the databases, business applications and system management software that controls the processing of thousands of business tasks each day.  They automatically communicate with each other and other types of systems.  They run and control the web services that your internal and external customers use and that monitor other components of the information processing architecture.  UNIX systems are called upon to do the most intensive, complicated and intricate work in a business enterprise. 

Trident Systems focuses on providing support for UNIX systems.  Other companies sell them, Trident Systems makes them work - better, faster, longer.  Trident Systems takes pride in making its clients look great to their clients, whether those clients are team members or customers.

How do we do it?  Technical expertise, attention to detail, business acumen and meticulous planning - down to the command level.  

Trident Systems appreciates theory but recognizes and understands that the reality of complex business-critical systems' need for effective system management is, indeed, vital to the bottom line.

Client Comments:

"...helped me meet dates and deadlines that I didn't think we could achieve."

"Extremely professional and very personable, a rare combination in the admittedly-geeky world of UNIX engineers."

"...a creative problem solver..."

"...relished resolving and correcting issues and items that no one else wanted to touch."

"...a real team player."

Would you hire him?   "In a New York minute!"

Announcing HP Virtualization Support


Automated System Documentation, Business  Continuance Planning, System Upgrades, Enterprise Monitoring, System Audits, Scripting, Patch Management, Performance Tuning

HP UNIX, Sun Solaris, AIX

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